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Venue Intakes for 2022

The Granville Island Theatre District is excited to announce its annual intakes for Performance Works and the Waterfront Theatre are open as of June 4, 2021! Interested groups can submit for rentals of at least one week or longer at Performance Works in April and May 2022, or at the Waterfront Theatre in January, May-August, and late October 2022.

There will be no intake process for The NEST this year. The submission forms for both Performance Works and the Waterfront Theatre include the option to request adding The NEST to the booking - the intention of this is to provide convenient rehearsal space for both venues, but renters would be encouraged to use the NEST however best suits their project.

The GITD does not program, and does not produce. This intake process will support the GITD's goal of activating all three venues as effectively and efficiently as possible, helping performing artists working in all forms to obtain access to these two venues, and moving away from a ‘first come, first serve’ policy with a transparent process.