The Granville Island Theatre District is a Society with a board of directors who are members of the Granville Island Cultural Partners Program, the annual presenters of Events, Festivals, and Theatre Productions on Granville Island.

Our mission is to steward the Granville Island performance venues: The Waterfront Theatre, Performance Works, and Festival House/The NEST with the following guiding principles:

Connecting Audiences and Artists

through facilitating interchange between audiences and artists to create a more fulsome experience where both where audiences feel “at home” in the theatre, and artists are empowered to create relevant work.

Nurturing Collaboration

between artistic companies that ensures heightened access to resources, bolsters creativity, and creates a sense of shared purpose. We succeed together.

Encouraging Artistic Integrity

by welcoming artistic practice that is innovative, relevant, and diligent.

Cultivating Creative Opportunities

for Renter's productions or development of work, and development of practice that enhances the local industry and encourages artistic excellence.

Prioritizing Placemaking

by putting the community at the centre of our work and making the user experience our priority. We will strive to enhance the community-orientation, adaptability, responsiveness, and inclusiveness of all GITD-stewarded facilities.

Board of Directors

Jennica Grienke & Madelaine Walker Co-Chair & Board Member Carousel Theatre for Young People
Keltie Forsyth Co-Chair Push Performing Arts Festival
Leanne Zacharias Board Member Vancouver International Children's Festival
Catherine Ballachey Board Member Improv Centre
Claire French Board Member Vancouver International Flamenco Festival
Sebastian Lippa Board Member CMHC- Granville Island